How to create an easy budget-friendly bedside wall lamp. 

So I am rethinking my bedroom bit by bit and was wanting some new bedside lights. My bed is very low and therefore felt I needed some height in whatever I decided on. Last year I had bought a wire shade from Merci in Paris just because I loved it.

Having no idea where I would use it or how. So I started to have a look around with what I could do. And had been pinning a lot of inspiration around semi DIY lighting.  I found a retailer on Amazon called Vendimia Lighting Co who specialise in all the composite parts of lighting. Including flex in multiple colours and designs, Bakelite casings, vintage bulbs and retro shades. I’m not that confident with electrical wiring so wanted something that I didn’t need to mess around with too much and that could be plugged in rather than into a ceiling rose. (I have a plug socket either side of the bed.) They had the ideal flex with a plug and a switch with a Bakelite bulb holder. Perfect for this job!  A black and white striped flex works well with the rest of my decor.

Then I just grabbed an inexpensive Ikea Ekby bracket.

The vintage bulbs I had seen online were quite expensive. I needed another alternative that still looked good. Luckily my local Wilkinson’s stocked a line by TCP called Rustic. See here. For a bargain £3. They are a really nice shape and give off a orangey glow.

With all the bits sourced. I attached the bulb and wire shade to the flex. Then attached the bracket to the wall at the desired height. (I used command strips as I can’t drill into the wall) and then wound the flex around the bracket et voila!

I am pretty pleased with the outcome. Although can’t decide if I should paint the bracket either white or black. What do you think?


Beautiful, cheap, marble and copper table hack.

I’m at it again with the marble contact paper! 
I received this great copper wire basket for Christmas from my sister from Tiger. It wasn’t that practical from a storage point of view but I thought it would make a great bedside table. 

I just needed a round bit of wood for the top. I really struggled at the hardware store to get circular bits of wood without having to get it custom cut at an added expense. 

Then came in the ikea Frosta stool. Only £8 and the top is the perfect size. A match made in heaven!


Cheap Wire basket.

IKEA Frosta stool 

Contact paper in marmi.