The Bear Essentials!


Bear pattern using vintage Liberty fabric from Purlbee

So my friend is having a baby boy and I had been looking for ideas of some gifts I could make. When I remembered a post I had saved from the purl bee website. It was for a lovely shaped teddy that used vintage liberty fabric. See post here I had never made a stuffed toy before so I was abit apprehensive plus my sewing skills aren’t the neatest at times! I had some double sided soft fluffy material that I had kept hold of but never had a clue what to use it for. This was the perfect project! Plus if my sewing wasn’t 100% then it should be quite forgiving. 

2 right arms… Woops!

I needed to look for some contrast fabric for the paws, feet, nose and ears. I already had in mind that I wanted to use up some scraps of silk that I had. So settled on some light blue polka dot. Ideal for a baby boy. The instructions and clear pictures made the actual process of making the bear fairly simple. You make all the head and limbs first. Then the last section is the body where it all comes together and your bear is born! Although I did misread one part which meant that I made two right arms by mistake. Woops! 

Nearly finished bear – just need to find him some cute button eyes!

For my first attempt I was really impressed with myself! It did take me about 7 hours in total including the arm mishap but he’s a lovely size and shape. Would thoroughly recommend the pattern from Purlbee and am now hooked. Mmm what other animals can I make! Any suggestions? 



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